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Early in 2010, discussions began between Phi Kappa Sigma National and various Phi Kappa Sigma “Sigma Chapter” Alumni about a possible effort to recolonize a Chapter at the University of Texas. As you would imagine, with the history of the National Chapter abandoning the Sigma Chapter and withdrawing the Sigma Charter in August 2000, much of the early discussion and numerous emails were about whether there was any support among Sigma Alumni to help or even support a recolonization effort.

The focus of the National Organization to Sigma Alums was that Phi Kappa Sigma of 2010 is a different Phi Kap Fraternity than in 2000. Toby Smith was the primary contact, as the Executive Director, whose employment began in 2002, well after our Chapter was closed by the National Organization. Early discussions led to a meeting at Scholz Garten in May 2010 with Toby (and a supportive University representative) in attendance.

That and other meetings which were attended by Sigma Alums as well as Toby and Doug Opicka, Grand Alpha, eventually led to strong support by Sigma Alums of the National effort to recolonize Sigma Chapter on the University campus. In fact Grand Alpha Doug Opicka has made three trips to Texas to be available to our alumni chapter. This is evidence to us of the level of importance that Phi Kappa Sigma places on having a University of Texas Chapter.

In May 2011, during an Austin meeting of the members of Sigma Housing Corporation, Sigma Alums elected a new Board of Directors and voted to change the name of the entity to Sigma Alumni Corporation. It is these newly elected officers that are leading the process with the National Chapter to bring an active Sigma Chapter back to the University. It was determined by a vote that the new board of directors of Sigma Alumni Corporation will assume the responsibilities of the previous Housing Corp Board to control the approximately $800,000 derived from sale of the Chapter House in the early 2000’s. During the May meeting, Sigma alums pledged $25,000 to begin the fundraising effort to help offset the cost of the recolonization and agreed to continue the fundraising program.

In their presentations to the Sigma alumni group , Toby and Doug talked of a fraternity that was committed to quality programs where its members defined what a Phi Kap is and a fraternity that is committed to soliciting members that fit its definition of a Phi Kap. Furthermore, the fraternity was committed to a “0” tolerance alcohol policy within the fraternity house (ie. alcohol-free). There was significant discussion on the alcohol policy and by the end of the day; there was overwhelming approval of this policy.

The elected Board members are:

  • Tommy Thompson: Chairman and President, Dallas area –
  • Tom White: Vice President, Dallas area –
  • Charles Eppright: Treasurer, Austin area –
  • Larry Mosher: Secretary, Houston area –
  • Scott Holter, Austin area – , Wright Wood (Austin area – and David DeMarco, Houston area) –
    • These three gentlemen are the co-chairs of the coordinating effort to work with Chris Maynard, Phi Kappa Sigma Expansion Consultant (National employee) on loan and Woody Woodcock of Phired Up, the consulting team member to National to be the feet on the ground soliciting new Phi Kaps using the defined and proven methods of National to start the Chapter with 60 members or more.

There are numerous exciting areas where Phi Kap is defining a leading role in Fraternities of the 21st Century that we will be able to discuss in the future but for now, our Board and a large number of Alumni are committed to supporting the effort of both the National team and our local team to achieve a minimum of 60 new members during 2012.

The formal beginning of the recolonization effort will be a three-hour December 16, 2011 meeting at the Courtyard Marriott, 5660 N I-35 (at Hwy 290), Austin, TX 78751, 512-458-2340 to introduce our Alumni to the new Phi Kappa Sigma and to the methods of successful recruiting the kind of new members that Phi Kappa Sigma has defined it wants. The Board has met and listened to both of the outstanding speakers that will present and we are all sure that you will find this very rewarding. We believe this will also renew your excitement about Phi Kappa Sigma and maybe even interest you enough to participate in the recruiting effort in your local environment.

In summary, there will be three-hour December 16th meeting starting at 6 PM to introduction you to the new Phi Kappa Sigma at the Courtyard Marriott, 5660 N I-35 (at Hwy 290), Austin, TX 78751, 512-458-2340. Scott Holter has negotiated a rate of $99 for Friday night.

If you believe you can be present for the meeting, please contact either Scott Holter at or Chris Maynard at to let them know you will be there.
On Saturday, December 17, 2011, there will be more extensive six-hour meeting beginning at 9 AM with the same speakers. This meeting will include our Board of Directors and the coordinating committee led by Scott Holter. We invite any and all Sigma Alumni or other Phi Kappa Sigma Alumni to attend this meeting to gain a greater understanding of the new Phi Kappa Sigma and its effort to recruit 60 members to our Sigma Chapter.

If you have questions, please contact a Board Member at the email shown above.
We look forward to your participation at one or both of these meetings. If you can’t attend, both meetings will be available by teleconference at 1-888-619-1583. If you call in you will need to enter the password code 846242. Please feel free to call in to either meeting.

Please join us as we embark on this exciting opportunity!!


Tommy Thompson
Tom White
Charles Eppright
Larry Mosher
Scott Holter
Wright Wood
David DeMarco

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