The Statement of Core Values

We commit to the value of Trust, the foundation of a relationship based on a belief in oneself as well as others, which is earned and strengthened through experience. The value of trust is found in our reliance on each other and enables an open comfort in interacting with brothers.

We commit to the value of Honor, staying true to a set of higher standards and morals in the face of adversity. Membership in Phi Kappa Sigma means a commitment to leading an honorable life.

We commit to the value of Respect, which begins with yourself and the practice of the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This statement is the acceptance of the ideals of others. In order to move forward as a brotherhood, we must continue to consider each other’s viewpoints.

We commit to the value of Knowledge, the acquisition of thought, theory and principles following in the footsteps of our founding fathers in accordance with our oath of brotherhood. With this knowledge we will come closer to self-discovery, the improvement of society and the translation of knowledge into power.

We commit to the value of Wisdom, a virtue gained through experiences of self and others. Wisdom is the application of knowledge and past experiences to make decisions regardless of the situation. Through sharing wisdom, is formed between young and old, teacher and student; this bond is what brings us together.

We commit to the value of Responsibility, by being reliable in the fulfillment of the objectives of our Fraternity and our personal obligations, enduring the consequences of our actions.

We commit to the value of Integrity, our inner foundation for holding true to our values of trust, honor, respect, knowledge, wisdom, and responsibility that guides us to make the best decisions.

As we have seen these values to be critical in the past, they will become even more important in the future!

As adopted by the 90th Grand Chapter, Philadelphia, PA, July 22, 2000

Leadership is the ability to bring out the best in those around you through vision and initiative. Leadership is the cornerstone of a strong Chapter, encourages effective collaboration, and drives the Fratemity toward a common goal.

We strive to:
Inspire members to lead;
Perpetuate successful leadership;
And teach effective leadership skills.

Scholarship is the dedication to life-long learning in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom through the use of resources including both people and information which leads to intellectual growth and satisfaction. Scholarship opens doors to opportunities, enables one to impart insight to others, engenders progress in society, helps promote recruitment and campus relations, and makes one invaluable to their community.

We strive to:
Encourage life-long learning and teaching;
Develop practical skills;
Continually raise expectations and standards;
Promote team learning and mentoring;
And recognize and reward good scholarship.

Collegiate and Community Relations include interactions with groups that coexist with the Fraternity. Collegiate and community relations create mutually beneficial working relationships that expand opportunities and generate positive perceptions.

We strive to:
Commit to the betterment of the university;
Encourage diverse campus involvement and leadership;
Serve the community;
Be proactive in creating and utilizing existing relations;
And be an asset to the community.

Personal Development is growth through applying knowledge gained from life experiences. Personal development leads to a strong foundation of character and competence, fosters balanced and focused individuals, and establishes confidence in real world situations.

We strive to:
Develop and employ networking skills;
Support and respect individuality;
Provide fonmal training opportunities;
And encourage introspection.

International Support includes Headquarters Staff and local, regional, and international volunteers who provide resources to assist Chapters in fulfilling the Objects of the Fraternity. International support creates a structure that assists in networking, maintains history, and establishes vision for the future.

We strive to:
Maintain the highest level of communication;
Provide exceptional training for staff and VOlunteers;
Utilize assets to support international expansion efforts;
And serve as a liaison between Chapters and their respective institutions.

Be it further resolved, that all members and Chapters of Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity, do hereby commit to fu lfilling the standards set forth in this Doctrine of Excellence to help ensure that our beloved Fraternity will always be Stell us Aequus Durando.

Adopted by the Grand Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity July 17’h, 2004.
On behalf of and attested to by the participants of the 92nd Grand Chapter.

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